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What is a Property Management Company?

System - Thursday, September 15, 2022

Property management involves much more than just collecting rent and allowing you, the owner, to be hands off with your tenant.  Home Property Management has been managing rental properties in the West Palm Beach area for over 30 years.

Your property management company will take care of tasks such as:

  • Marketing the property using video as well as listings on multiple websites to maximize exposure
  • Utilizing extensive knowledge of the rental market to help you get the best rent rate
  • Screening and placing quality tenants
  • Handling security deposits
  • Drafting leases that follow legal requirements
  • Holding tenants accountable to the lease agreement
  • Taking care of maintenance 24/7
  • Avoiding legal and liability issues
  • Conducting routine walkthroughs
  • Answering questions your tenants may have
  • Negotiating rent increases
  • Handling evictions if necessary
  • Documenting the condition of the property before and after a tenancy using video
  • Renewing lease agreements or overseeing turnover

Professional Property Management Helps You Avoid Legal Mistakes

If you are self-managing your property, there are several ways to make a legal mistake that can cost you thousands.  Lease agreements must comply with local, state, and federal laws.  Even the tenant application and screening process has some dos and don’ts to follow to comply with Fair Housing laws. You could spend hours a month trying to keep up with these constantly changing laws and ordinances.  Would you trust yourself to understand the laws written in legal terms and be sure you found all that apply to your property? At Home Property Management, we are familiar with all the laws that apply to rental homes and our documents, systems, and procedures are designed to protect you from legal issues.

Our videos market and protect your rental property

One of our points of difference from other Palm Beach area property management companies is how we use video.  Our Broker, Todd Breen, pioneered the use of video in real estate rental marketing.

  • We market your rental property with a video walkthrough tour. 

This helps us get your property in front of more potential tenants quickly. It also results in getting a larger pool of applications to choose from. This helps us find you a quality tenant faster, and that means less vacancy time for your rental.

  • We also use video to protect your investment. 

We document the condition of the property before and after each tenant with inspection videos.  Having this video evidence quickly stops any disputes over itemized security deposit deductions.  

Whether you have one property or a large portfolio, managing them takes time and effort.  We have the experience and resources to manage your property to help you get the most return from your investment as well as peace of mind.

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