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Simply fill out the contact form on this page. Make sure to include both your information and your clients.

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We'll call the client and help them get the fair market rent for their property

We pay you $555 for each referral you send our way

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  • What if my client chooses to sell down the road?

    Our relationship with your client is strictly property management. If they choose to sell down the road we refer the client back to you and immediately let you know to get in touch with them.

  • Is there a written agreement?

    Of course! We provide you with a written & signed referral agreement for your protection.

  • Is there a referral limit?

    No! We will pay you $555.00 for every referral you send us that enrolls in our management services.

Side note-Your client will thank you!

Home Property Management has been serving landlords in Palm Beach County since 1985 and we have learned what it takes to get owners the most for their investment with minimal vacancy periods, proactive management & getting the best rent for their home!

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