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5 Things We Do to Save You Money When Managing Your Property

This video can save you thousands of dollars

  1. We are Entrepreneurs/Real Estate Investors and Not Realtors Looking to Sell a Home.
  2. Would you rather hire a ‘Rent Finding’ agency and get a newly licensed agent to manage your investments, or the area’s oldest, experienced, best-trained management firm?

    My family began buying rental homes in 1979, and we’ve managed as many as 55 of our own properties – plus hundreds of properties for our clients since 1985. Why are we the best trained? Simple – I teach our industry at Realtors Association offices around Florida and have personally trained all of my property managers. We are the best!

  3. You DO NOT Pay us if Your Rental Property is Vacant!
  4. Too many of our competitors charge you management fees while your property is empty – but we don’t. If you’re not getting paid? Neither are we!

  5. You Get Inspection Videos Online plus Video Tours on YouTube.
  6. We pioneered putting complete video tours of your property on YouTube, and these videos WORK WONDERS. Prospects can tour your home online without disturbing you or the tenant. We rent houses every month this way – and here’s an interview with a tenant that rented from us ONLINE. What’s more? After each tenant moves out, you get to watch complete inspection video of your property online as well. Don’t guess how your place looks – see it online right away!

  7. YOUR Vendors are OUR Vendors, too.
  8. Because we are Landlords and Investors, we have a vested interest in negotiating the best rates for electricians, AC Repair guys, plumbers, roofers, etc. This is a total win/win. We get better rates because these repairmen work not only on our rental properties but several hundred other properties owned by clients like yourself. This means volume discounts.

    Other Palm Beach property management companies can negotiate low rates with vendors as well, but what incentive do they have to make sure those rates stay low? We have got to meet our mortgage payments on our rental properties just like you, so we pay close attention to costs. For example, we have an outstanding maintenance person that charges $30 an hour and no mark-up on parts. Typical tradesmen charge $85-$130 an hour and have at least a 300% mark-up in parts. Our appliance repair service is incredibly honest and affordable.

  9. You DO NOT Pay for evictions!
  10. As we all know, evictions can happen to any landlord no matter how well a tenant is screened. Circumstances change in people’s lives and they are not able to pay the rent. This is especially true when people lose their job, get a divorce or have a serious injury. When a tenant cannot afford to pay the rent, they often find it difficult to move, and the landlord is forced to go through the costly procedure of evicting the tenant. If a tenant we place stops paying, we evict them at our expense with our Eviction Protection Program. Learn more on page 17 of our Property Owner Handbook .

  11. BONUS: You Never Pay us to Advertise Your Property.
  12. Don’t pay for advertising – pay for service. Some of the Really New Property Management Franchises charge up to $400/month to advertise your property! I got news for ya folks – Craigslist is free and it works. Ask us about our flexible rates for finding a tenant.

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