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Importance of Answering Every Call in Property Management

System - Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Logan Breen, Outsourcing Consultant with VirtuallyinCredible, joins Megan Breen to discuss the importance of answering the phone at property management companies.

Every property manager knows that the phone is constantly ringing. It can be distracting and interruptive when you already have a full day planned. Despite the best time management, it is easy to miss calls. Logan’s VA team called every single-family property management company in the US and discovered that only one-third of them answered their phones during regular business hours. That is a lot of missed calls.

One of the more frequent questions we get from owners that are interested in our property management services is “Do we answer our phone?” Yes we do!

When you call us, we answer

Home Property Management uses Phone Tenders call service to ensure every call is answered and handled in a way to offer the best customer service available.

Types of calls we answer 24/7

There are two types of calls that we handle 24/7 because of their importance. 

Emergency Maintenance

We take maintenance calls 24/7 to ensure your property and tenant are well cared for - even outside of business hours.

When someone calls in the middle of the night, the team first qualifies the situation to see if it is indeed an emergency.  If it is not an emergency, the caller will be instructed to submit a written maintenance request. If it is an emergency, we are going to troubleshoot and diagnose the situation. There are situations where we can minimize damage to the home and save you some money by not having to dispatch a professional after hours. Our team can talk a resident through the process of turning off the water or flipping a breaker switch.  If there is a situation that calls for an immediate response, the team will contact the property manager to handle it. 

Leasing Lines

While your property is on the market, our staff answers the phone 24/7 to make sure we never miss a call from someone interested in leasing your home.

When a potential tenant is calling through their list and you don’t answer, they will just skip over you.

Our VA team answers the leasing line, prequalifies each lead, and schedules showings. This reduces the foot traffic to the property as only qualified leads will make it to this step in the process. This saves time and effort for everyone involved. 

Despite the Palm Beach rental market’s seeing a slight increase of days on market, Home Property Management is still renting properties in around 21-30 days thanks to our never missing a call.

Having a knowledgeable VA team handling most of our phone calls gives the office staff the ability to focus on important tasks that matter to our owners. This is just one of the ways we provide value for our clients. 

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