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How do professional property managers earn their fees in Palm Beach, Florida?

Todd Breen - Wednesday, June 27, 2012
In this video, Palm Beach Property Managers Todd and Natasha talk about the services and returns a landlord gets when he hires a property manager for a fee.

Property Management is Time-Consuming

The first and foremost service is that a property manager becomes in charge of your property keys and is the decision maker for who gets in and out of the property. It becomes a property manager’s responsibility to organize inspections, showings and repairs and all things related to presence on the property premise. This can be a very time-consuming task if a landlord has to do it himself.

Lease Enforcement

Lease enforcement is often required. Tenants have a tendency to try and renegotiate the terms of the lease contract after they have moved in. More often than not, once they move in, they want to make changes to the lease and they forget the terms of the lease that was agreed upon. Palm Beach Property Management Company - Home Property Management has the experience and skill in dealing with such situations professionally.

It's business, not personal

Natasha points out that if an owner is managing his own property, it tends to become a personal affair which adds its own set of issues. However, with a property manager, the personal is taken out; and it becomes a business. As a Property Manager, Natasha is familiar with most of the Home owner associations and their processes. And so when she calls a condo management board asking to rent a property, she makes sure that everything is included before submitting. Condo Management is also happy to deal with these property management professionals who understand the process and procedure. After that comes the annual revenue increase. With a lot of property managers handing the property now, there has been an increase in rents and renewals. Tenants are happy to renew even with an increase, given the service and response offered by property managers.

Video Inspections of Rental Property

Last but not the least; comes the question how do property managers show a landlord how his property looks like after the tenants moves out if he lives out of state? Home Property Management Company addresses this by carrying out video inspections to record how a place looks before the tenant moves in and after the tenant moves out. Video inspection is a valuable tool as visiting the property can be an expensive affair. With video inspection, a remote owner can view the property sitting in the comfort of his home the same way if he actually came down and walked through the property himself. Furthermore, Home Property Management makes exclusive YouTube videos for their clients and sends a private link to them to view the upkeep and maintenance of investment property. This service has got lot of positive feedback from the clients. So, give them a call at 1-800-999-6608 to find out what sort of services they can provide to fulfill your needs.
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