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Build a Good Rental Payment History With Us

Todd Breen - Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Property Management Blog Credit ScoreIf you are looking to purchase a home in a few years, a good history of paying your rent on time may help.

Boost Your Credit By Renting With Us

If you are trying to build your credit or reestablish credit, you will be happy to learn that Home Property Management reports rental payment history.

Credit reporting companies are beginning to add a section to show on-time rental payments.

Experian is the only one to add rental history to credit reports so far, but other credit reporting companies such as CoreLogic and FICO plan to incorporate rental payments into their reports soon.

How Can Reported Rental Payments Help You?

  • Establish or rebuild your credit history — Your on-time rental payments may now count toward establishing or building your credit history
  • Improve your ability to qualify for credit — Your on-time rental payment history may help you when applying for credit products and services
Now you have another way to help build credit and benefit from your consistent on-time payment history.