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No Security Deposit Option

Most renters qualify for this innovative new option that makes renting even easier through Home Property Management. If you qualify:

-You will NOT need to make a cash security deposit upfront on the property you rent through Home Property Management. For most renters, this instantly keeps over $1,000 in their pocket!

-You’ll instantly avoid the hassles of getting a cashier’s check and waiting months to get your deposit back when you decide to move out.

-Instead of a deposit, you’ll simply give your landlord a billing authorization that allows them to bill you up to a limited amount for damages that are your responsibility.

-If your landlord does make a claim, you can pay the balance in installments using the payment method of your choice, instead of all at once.

-If you think a claim is unreasonable, you can dispute just as you would under the traditional up-front security deposit system.

Find your perfect rental today then see if you qualify for the No Security Deposit Option!