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Why you should ask for video inspections from your Property Manager in Palm Beach

Todd Breen - Sunday, May 13, 2012
Todd and Tammy, our Palm Beach Gardens Property Manager, offer their advice about using technology to offer inspection videos. Any real estate investor can see the value in having a property manager who does video inspections before and after a tenancy. Let’s look at some of the benefits these videos bring to a client whose property is managed with this type of assessment. Tammy has been doing video inspections for over 8 years now and strongly advocates it. She shares that with video inspection, one can document the condition of the home when the tenant moves in and then again when the tenant moves out.

You can’t argue with inspection video evidence

When reviewing a security deposit claim or dispute, inspection videos help expedite a smooth, fair process.  A tenant is shown the videos documenting the conditions before and after tenancy. This gives them the opportunity to recall what the house looked like when they moved in as well as when they moved out. Any disputes or issues are resolved instantaneously. Even if a situation advances to court, the judge can watch the video of the move-in and move-out as evidence and make a ruling based upon the videos. It is that powerful a piece of proof.

Saves time, money and anxiety

For a Property Manager in Palm Beach considering this option, Tammy asserts that comprehensive video examination empowers a landlord, saving him both money and unwanted anxiety. Home Property Management Company in fact puts these videos on a private YouTube channel and sends the links to the owner. The owner can see the move out video on the day the tenant moves out. If truth be told, a property manager who is not doing this will lose business to another one who is. A live video is more powerful than a photo or check-list where there is no visual reference or actual depiction of the condition of the property.

Builds confidence about the state of the property

What's more, tenants experience a lot of trust and confidence with this air tight video documentation of the move in and move out condition. They get the feeling of actually walking through the property and inspecting it themselves, and it’s a valuable asset when calculating a fair estimate of expenses incurred and money to be spent. To sum up, video inspections allow everybody to see the complete, detailed picture which enables the investor to make a well-informed decision about property-related concerns. Give yourself this advantage today with Home Property Management Company that has over 25 years experience in South Florida.
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