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Why Did This Investor Choose Now to "Invest in Florida Real Estate"?

Todd Breen - Saturday, May 28, 2011
Listen as Dave explains why he purchased two rental properties in the past 7 months. Like so many other investors, Dave had to choose when the Palm Beach County Florida real estate market was beginning to recover. With inventory levels finally returning to normal, Dave's timing couldn't be better. When he wanted to purchase a home in Palm Beach County, Dave chose to work with Shir-Lee Rosenberg of Home Property Management. It just makes sense to purchase a rental property from an agent who works with a firm that specializes in leasing and managing homes for rent. Shir-Lee is a hard working agent with almost 20 years local real estate experience in both sales AND leasing. Her knowledge of local rents made her the logical choice for Dave to work with. If you're considering getting back in the market, call Shir-Lee at 561-543-1181 or email her at Thanks Dave for sharing your insights, and we wish you the best with your investments!