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How Your Property Manager's Technology Helps to Increase the Value of Your Palm Beach Rental

Todd Breen - Sunday, April 22, 2012
Home Property Management in Palm Beach has altered the property management landscape with the use of technology. In this video, Cherisse shares how Home Property Management uses videos in iPad and iPod to revolutionize the experience of their clients.

Taking advantage of video technology

Investing in property from miles away

Imagine a scenario where a perspective landlord is located out of area where he wants to buy a property. Typically, one would imagine that he would fly down to the place and spend time looking around for a suitable property himself. Technology has shrunk the distance between a property and its potential owner by providing the capability of the video coverage to a person sitting remotely. Cherisse shares the story of a Canadian investor who is her client. Cherisse helps him buy and manage the property. Her primary communication with him is through photos and video inspections. Sending him photos of the different areas of the property, she is able to give him a good understanding of how the property would actually look. She supplements this with a full video inspection of the property using her iPad which gives him a good feel for exactly what he is purchasing. He receives both a thorough inspection of the property and details about necessary repairs. This not only saves him travel expenses but also gives him a clear idea of the money he would need to invest in repairs so he can make a well-informed purchase decision. Video shows him a real life view of the actual property as opposed to still pictures.

Marketing and managing investment properties with video

Once the investment property is purchased, the property management aspect again takes full advantage of video. Cherisse uses video to market the property online by showing it to potential local tenants as well as out of town tenants who plan to move into the area. Video enables her to reach a wider audience of potential tenants quickly. The Canadian investor receives a video inspection of any work that has to be done on his property which he is able to view and assess from 1000s of miles away. When a tenant leaves the property, Cherisse runs a detailed video inspection to cover any mishaps regarding the security deposit. Each and every day, technology is making it easier to manage property, and out-of-town landlords can feel connected with their investment like never before. Home Property Management is reaching for the stars in Property Management Technology. Get connected with them and enjoy the live video walk through of perspective, out of town property with ease.