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How to buy rental properties in Palm Beach with a Property Manager that uses video

Todd Breen - Saturday, June 30, 2012

Technology is a vital instrument for property management.

It makes it possible to find clients who were once considered out-of-reach. With the ease and convenience it offers, it’s now possible for any potential or existing client to view any property in Palm Beach and make an informed decision to invest. In this video, Todd and Cherisse from Home Property Management talk about how technology has enabled out-of-state investors to manage or buy property in Palm Beach without leaving their homes. Cherisse is our Royal Palm Beach property manager. Home Property Management, with over 25 years experience in South Florida, has pioneered and specialized in making videos for property management. These videos cater to the needs of the new client who wants to feel like they have toured a potential investment property without the expense of traveling. For example, a client based in Canada can sit home and take a virtual tour of a property he is interested in buying in Palm Beach and make a decision based on technology alone. Our property manager offers details of how she manages her remote clients using technology. Using her iPad camera, she takes a video when going to a potential property. She then sends it to the client before leaving the property. The client is able to make a decision whether or not he wants to purchase it from the video itself. Many of her clients have successfully made purchases with this process of virtual viewing which allows them to get a good sense of the property’s condition and value.

Why spend money or even travel for something you can get at no cost?

Experience cost-effective investment opportunities with Home Property Management in Palm Beach,  who is pioneering the use of leading-edge technologies to help its clients market and manage their real estate business.