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Entry and Exit Videos Support Security Deposit Claims

Todd Breen - Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Use video to document the before and after condition of a property

Having videos to document a rental property’s condition can help you avoid tenant disputes over wear and tear. At Home Property Management we conduct entry and exit videos with each tenant.  After a tenant leaves the property and turns in their keys, we shoot an exit video to document the condition of the rental property.  This video is compared to the entry video taken prior to the tenant moving in to assess any necessary claims on the security deposit. 

“Landlords need to keep thorough records about the condition of the property, because the law regarding security deposit returns is on the side of the tenant. You don’t want to end up in small claims court over a security deposit dispute. If a judge rules that you withheld a security deposit unnecessarily, you could be on the hook for up to three times the amount of the original security deposit—unless there’s objective and irrefutable evidence that the tenant caused the damage.”
- BiggerPockets

Security deposit claims

As a landlord, you must backup your security deposit claim with evidence.  Photos don’t cover the minor details in the property like a video does. It is our company policy to shoot the before and after videos to protect both the tenant and the owner from any disputes. When a security deposit claim is made, we know it was done fairly and backed up by evidence.

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